Are you treating your business as a hobby?

Hi everyone Marti Angel here, your empowering Latina coach- with a message for you and your home based business success

so you have decided to join one of the fastest growing professions in the 21st century. and as Robert Kiyosaki’s book calls it - The business of the 21st century

Now the question I have for you is

* are you clear with your intention for this business?

What I am asking is, is it truly your intention to work it as a business? or are you working it as a hobby?

some of you are asking whats the difference? well, the difference is :

1. a hobby, is something you work on when you have time, after all your other chores, to do list items are done- the definition of a hobby is an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

Now, Leisure time? lets get serious, how many of us really have leisure time?

so if this is how you are looking at your business, I can guarantee, you will be one of those peeps, that will quit and say it does not work!

and please do not get me wrong, you can work it like that if you are clear thats what you want, because a hobby does not usually make money. so as long as you are clear that is what you want, then be honest and let your sponsor know.

2. A business, is something that must be made to work, in other words, you must know

a. What time do your doors open?

b. what is your business goals,

c. are you working it daily?

d. How many hours a day will you be open for biz?

e. What kind of customers do you want?

f. What kind of customer service are you giving?

So what ever you choose to do, be realistic with your expectations and be willing to accept responsibility for your intentions, actions and outcomes.

Well I hope this helps you to be a bit more focused on what it is you really want! and If you found value in this short training, please leave a comment belownow join me in Gratitude—

I am thankful for everything I have, for all that I am and all that I am about to become, till the next time, Namaste.


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