Healing from my money issue- The Energy of Money

The other day I was giving a talk to a group of young individuals about "The Energy of Money". This is a loaded topic, and having been a six-figure income earner coming from nothing, and being bankrupt, I know how much faith it takes to make this come to fruition. The Energy of Money is something I am very personally familiar with. I come from parents who were so poor they did not have a home to live in, they were raised in tents. So money for me has always been something that I have always wanted more of and been afraid of not having. If this resonates with you, I would love to have you comment. During my talk, I was asked, "how do I heal from my money issue?" instinctively I wanted to say, that we all have money issues, but, instead I shared my simple three step process.

As I began to share something amazing happened, I, it turns out had a twin healing experience with this young person, whom I was so fortunate to help through her particular issue. I will share mine and keep hers private. As we began to move into the coaching experience for her money issue, my vision became very blurred and I got very dizzy, something that tends to happen when I am going into a "channel experience".

I remember her saying let me think for a moment.... in her thinking moment, I had mine. I began to think about my grandmother who had been murdered for the energy of money. She was in her bed asleep for the evening when her step son came in and killed her instantly with 2 shots, one to her head the other to her belly. The weapon of choice? A sawed off shot gun. In that moment, I realized that I had given the energy of money, a characteristic that having money was not safe. I connected to deeply that I had lived my life attaining money then losing it shortly there after. This realization had come to me in a split second when I came to, the young lady was barely starting to tell her story.

We both were able to come a realization that we had bought into a story of the energy of money that had shaped our relationship with this energy. When we were done with our public encounter, she thanked me and I asked her to wait after the talk to speak with me in private, and I told what had transpired. We both wept in each others arms and felt blessed, we were both healed. So Thankful to be alive and a witness to such a great new life ahead!



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