Perception is a matter of choice.

It can help or hinder you.

I want to tell you story, the other day I was walking down a flight of stairs and by the third step - I took a misstep and I literally tumbled all the way to the floor, hurting my knew and brushing the bones of my face.

I was very careful not to pull back, but to lift my face instead and when I turned over- all I could say out loud is my face hurts- but thank god I did not scratch my face—

Now why I tell this story is because perhaps others might of looked at it as a bad thing and I looked at it for what it was a fall and that I was good no scratches only bruises

that was a matter of my perception— It was good.

I had a choice and I consciously began to look for the good, I was good

so in business, we seem to look at things we have not done and our perception is that we are not doing enough—

instead, I want to invite you to look at the fact that you are still here and still working - not giving up and staying with you- regardless- you must see the fact that you are succeeding - Change your perception- to see all the good you are doing, and how far you getting ahead. Choose a better way to look at things. and you know what? Pretty soon you will begin to do that automatically —

This is Marti Angel, wishing you found some value in this quick tip and if you did, please leave a comment below I would love to hear from you

Once again I ask that you join me in gratitude, I am thankful for everything I have, for all that I am, and all that I am about to become!



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