The Essence of Presence

It has been said that when you pray you should come to the altar with humility, gratitude, and love in your heart. Truthfully, it is very rare for any of us to truly come to any place, relationship or situation in our life with this presence. If we did, this would be the most life changing experience we could imagine. Think about it...When was the last time you came to any relationship or conversation with this presence?

What this world needs right now is this, the essence of presence. In these times of stress, we should feel thankful for all that we are and all that we have. We need to take time to evaluate how our life is unfolding, if it is playing out in the most marvelously positive manner then I say please continue on that path, but on the other hand if your life is unraveling and can use some love, patience, focus, or caring, then you need to realize this simple fact, that how you show up to any encounter is what you will receive.

It is very easy to continue on the same path and it may be unraveling in a truly negative way but because we are creatures of habit, rather than change, we tread forward continuing the negativity in all our relationships; personal as well as at work. Think about it-If you go into a conversation with a head full of negative thought and emotions that come from the thought, then you will only cultivate a negative outcome. Is that really what you want?

It is human nature to want to be loved and feel loved. Knowing this fact will help us to create the kinds of relationships that we truly want and desire to have in our life. How many times have you built up some negative emotions toward a person based on thoughts that you have cultivated yourself, then picked up the phone to call that person? It doesn't take much to realize the outcome of that interaction. Why do we continue on our path of destruction? It is because we are reactionary creatures that seem to be driven by our own thoughts and demons.

We must come to a place of healing within our hearts and realize that how we show up for any circumstance or interactions in our life will determine the outcome. Feel the essence of your presence. Take the time to be humble.
Take a moment, take a deep breath


and listen to your thoughts. See where they are leading your emotions, if you are being led down the path of destruction by your own thoughts, than awaken to the fact that it would not be a good time to react, such as by interacting with the person who is the intended recipient of those emotions. Set your intentions to be full of gratitude and love. In your mind say " I love you" then continue to move towards the situation, circumstance or person.

When we realize that the essence of the presence we bring to every encounter in our life, will unequivocally determine the
outcome, then we can begin to awaken the true nature of our being, which is to love and be loved. So in this time of gratitude remember to feel deep down inside, the essence of your presence. Presence will serve to guide your life in a positive and healing way.


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