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Inspired by Dr. Myron Wentz’ dedication to living a toxin-free lifestyle, Sensé scientists worked to find an alternative to parabens and other traditional chemical preservatives used in personal-care products. After nearly ten years of research, they found the answer in a unique, U.S. patented formulation that keeps every Sensé product fresh without the need for added harsh chemical preservatives.

Many companies claim to have products that are free from parabens. However, many of those products contain other formaldehyde-producing chemicals, such as Quarternium 15; 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol; Diazolidinyl urea; DMDM Hydantoin; or Sodium Hydroxyglycinate. These chemicals are effective in killing anything that comes in to contact with them, so imagine what they could be doing to your skin.

Other companies claim they do not have preservatives and use minimally effective natural alternatives or simply leave their products vulnerable to contamination. These products often have a maximum shelf life of only six months and sometimes must even be kept refrigerated.

Each formula of Sensé’s U.S. patented, self-preserving technology has passed two rounds of vigorous “challenge testing” to ensure purity for a full two years–an unprecedented achievement in the skin-care industry.

Exclusive Technologies

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Skin is the body’s largest organ and it can absorb healthy and unhealthy substances that are applied to it. Sensé™ products focus primarily on the cellular health of the skin and use the newest technologies available to create products that are both effective and safe. All of Sensé’s formulas are thoroughly tested to ensure quality and safety. An independent, third-party laboratory then tests them again to demonstrate effectiveness. Along with added trace minerals that encourage healthy cells, Sensé products contain powerful ingredients that are clinically proven to nourish, revive, and refine the skin as they help defend against free radicals and oxidative stress. Experience the dramatic difference of exclusive technologies and superior nutrition in every Sensé product.


Sensé has revolutionized the science of skin care with groundbreaking, self-preserving technology. For years, scientists have worked to find an alternative to parabens, the traditional preservative used in beauty and skin-care products. After nearly ten years of research, USANA found the answer in a unique, U.S. patented blend of botanicals, antioxidants, and active ingredients that keep every Sensé product fresh without the need for parabens. It truly is the next generation of skin and body care.


USANA’s exclusive anti-aging complex, Dermal Surface Renewal (DSR), is now more powerful than ever because it works in two ways–to help reduce the appearance of existing signs of aging and to help prevent the appearance of new lines and wrinkles in the future. This extraordinary, marine-source formulation is free of alpha-hydroxy acids, yet effectively evens skin tone and retextures, refines, brightens, and firms the skin’s surface.

The skin contains natural enzymes that break down the extracellular matrix–proteins that keep skin looking youthful–leading to lines and wrinkles. And, these enzymes, or MMPs, become more active as skin ages. DSR contains MMP inhibitors that reduce the activity of these enzymes to help slow the signs of aging. This scientific breakthrough rejuvenates skin and maintains a firm and elastic intercellular matrix for visible results you will see right away. DSR is found in PERFECTING ESSENCE, NIGHT RENEWAL, SERUM INTENSIVE, and EYE NOURISHER.


New Regenisomes supply enzymes that amplify the body’s natural process of rejuvenating the skin after sun exposure. Photosomes, fast acting, light-activated enzymes, are found in DAYTIME PROTECTIVE EMULSION, and ultrasomes, the slower acting enzymes that work without light, are found in NIGHT RENEWAL and EYE NOURISHER, Regenisomes help speed cell renewal in sun-damaged skin to revitalize it from within.


A powerful oxidative-defense complex that is rich with vital nutrients, Proflavanol-T provides optimal nutrition for hair and skin cells. Concentrated whole-grape extract, rice-derived gamma oryzanol, and green tea are powerful antioxidants that keep skin and hair strong, while vitamin E and tocopherols soothe and nourish to maintain the integrity of the skin’s lipids. This breakthrough, topical-flavonoid complex is your first line of defense for beautiful, healthy hair and skin.


The crucial role that vitamin C plays in cell health and collagen synthesis has been known for decades. Proteo-C is a revolutionary formulation of water-soluble and lipid-soluble forms of vitamin C that counteract the harsh effects of the environment on the hair and skin’s appearance and provide essential antioxidants. Proline and glycine, highly effective amino acids that draw in moisture, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Smoother, brighter hair and skin can be yours with this powerful beauty therapy.


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